Woman teeth before and after whitening

Do you wish your teeth where whiter than they are?

Don't bother with non-effective, over-the-counter products to whiten your teeth when the experts at Cedar Rapids Family Dental Center P.C. have whitening services to meet your needs.



Smiling woman with white teeth

Get rid of discolored teeth

You can have those pearly whites you need in many instances. Trust our team to help you with any oral health problems and then to offer whitening solutions that work for your needs.

  • Come in for a fast checkup
  • Let us help you to get a deep level of cleaning
  • Get professional-strength whitening products that will shine your teeth

Keep your teeth healthy

You'll often find over-the-counter products limit the effectiveness of whitening by not tackling any underlying problem. Let our dental team offer you the solutions right for your situation. You'll love the way your smile looks even after your first visit.

Schedule your teeth whitening service today


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